Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Murderous Tiempos or Time to Kill [at work]

Well, I've got some time to kill befor I'm off of work. This new policy that forces teachers to stay the 45 minutes after the bell that are lawfully allowed. It's really just a way of getting teachers to do tutorials for free when EOC comes around but for the meanwhile it's just another pointless procedure in the wonderful oh-so-sensical *sarcasm noted* world of education.  So, I'd figure I'd write a little something since I feel off the writing wagon a few weeks (see: months) back.  So here are just some random tid-bits about my life and me essentially just ranting.

First of, I hate being ignored. By girls, especially. I absolutely fucking despise it. I prefer being kicked in the nuts and told to fuck off for (xReason) than to be just plain out utterly ignored. It happened to me recently and if you're a friend of mine that's even relatively close, then you've heard about it. See, thing is that it was out of nowhere.  Everything seemed great and then BAM nothing. Sure, it was only a couple of days that we actually even had any sort of communication outside of facebook, but I thought we enjoyed each others company. I guess it's just the fact that it leaves me wonderng "wtf did I do?"
-Did I fuck up?
- Text too much?
- Not enough?
- Too pushy?
- not pushy enough?
- met someone else?

all of these are totally okay cause, like I said, I barely know this girl, so it's (almost) whatever.  Thing is that it seemed like we were cool--at the very least I thought I'd end up in the friend zone. But then...nothing? Double you tee eff, mate.  So, if anyone knows any information....please, feel free to share it and if you don't and don't even know who/what I'm talking about "Nobody reads this Luis!"  shut it! "Talking to yourself, they say thats' the first sign..."    Of, genius? yes I know. Anywho, keep me posted!!

- This staying til 4:15 is so utterly pointless it makes wearing crocs seem prudent.  *shivers* 
- I really wish I could wrestle those fuckin' LWA shows. They'll have an awesome crowd...and no one to entertain them.
- Training being led by Spartan today. WATCH OUT NOW!
- Since I'm not doing the Mr. Laredo show, I really really really want Chic-fil-a. :D
- I always spell it Chic (like fashion sheek) instead of Chik....
- Also, I have this student in my class that looks like one of my ex-girlfriend. My most recent one at that (see: not recent at all 2+ years).   Still, it's kind of trippy looking at a teenager that looks like the last person you were ga-ga for.  She's lucky. I'm sure I'll subconciously treat her nicer than other kids lol She's a good kid to begin with. NO. Don't even start with the jailbait jokes. That shit is nothing to laugh at--it's a felony and I'd lose my job.  "What about the morality of it"   ...the moral is I'd lose my job? What more do you want from me!? kidding...pedophilia is wrong!  I'm looking at you Ashley Blumenshine!  Heh, Blumenshine...I bet she blumenshined his ...I'll stop now...
-Also, I'm totally biting the Geekologie.com style of writer. It's a tribute to you GW! Only because I don't feel like being original and frankly, I find it hillarious.

Well, I'm putting in four minutes overtime! I'm deucing....and not in the I'm on the toilet sense, Polo! Nastay...