Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Do you ever feel...trapped?
It's like your stuck in a place, stuck in a routine, a rut, a recurring dream, and you can't get out.
Do you think it's the city, your family, your friends, your responsibilities, your own fears?
What's really keeping you here, that is assuming you think you want to escape?
What's keeping me here?
As the days progress, I find myself struggling more and more to answer that question.  Yeah, I have friends, and a life, and a family, and things I do here. But what is it, really that has kept me from advancing in my life.
I'm not doing bad, by any means. In fact, I consider myself pretty bloody successful. At 24 I have a career, a car, and I haven't knocked up anyone or acquired an addiction to anything. I workout, a lot. I'm healthy.I have great friends and I have great family. On paper, that sounds like a pretty good life to me.
The problem is, that it's comfortable.
Alright, well, It might not be a problem to you, but it's a problem to me.  There's a very fine line between comfort and complacency. At this juncture of my life I feel like I've become complacent. Stagnant. My old boss, Tony DLG used to always say that if you're not moving forward, then your moving backwards. And I never really understood it until now.