Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angels Pt III

I took a big gulp.  The thought hadn't even occurred to me. The paper, the writing , the ink was at least 50 years old. There was no doubt about it.  Eons before the internet or e-mail was invented we had someone write about it on paper. It had to be a farce, right? 

I looked at Mrs. Botello wearily. 
"Let's check your e-mail." I said meekly.


We slowly walked over to her desk, cluttered with assignments and books and trays that held letters and post-it's and referral forms and turned on the computer monitor.  Botello grabbed the black mouse and double-clicked on internet explorer it opened up to the e-mail homepage. She typed in her user name and password.  "vbotello, ********"  *click* 

We waited.

One new message.

From:  Gongora 
Subject:  Read Carefully.

Both Botello and I glanced at the name and looked back at each other. The same name as my teacher and her friend.  The date stamp said today, one minute ago. This thing was just sent.  Botello navigated the mouse cursor to the subject link and clicked.  The browser rapidly open a message. There were a few attachments.

The e-mail read:

"Guess, what, Rosey, Vero? I'm not dead!"

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