Monday, October 10, 2011

Time Machines

In all my dreams, I'd always seen
worlds far away, countless stars in between.
Galaxies of shining gold,
entire suns burning cold
ships and aliens running round
teleporting to the ground

Captains logs, and death stars
androids, Klingons, life on Mars
A pantheon of alien life
sometimes hostile, sometimes nice

But space soon, was not enough
an emptiness amongst this stuff
until a box, blue and grand
made it's way onto my land

A lanky man, with floppy hair
came sauntering out without a care
"I'm The Doctor", he turned and said
"I'm alive now, I was just dead.  "

I"'ve changed my face a dozen times
I've loved and lived and paid the price.
But alone too long I've been around
Come along and I'll return you safe and sound."

 "Why would I come with you, strange man?"
"I'll take you away to far away lands.
I'll show you all of time and space
no limits, no boundaries for me's the case"

"This blue box of mine, is not just that
it's got engines, seats, and a cricket bat!"

"Engines inside a big blue box?
Now I know your off your rocks."

A coy look and smirk he gave
and snapped his fingers, the doors gave way
and inside that big blue shell
you wouldn't believe it for all of hell

Bigger on the inside with space to boot!
A pool, library, and a woman's boot.

Had company? I asked with a smile
proud that I had the guile.

His faced turned sad, and really cold.
His eyes drooped down and he grabbed a hold
of a lever on his left and pulled it
"a friend of mine, before my last life ended."


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