Thursday, March 8, 2012


"You're unrealistic
you're stuck in a dream.
Your minds in the clouds
why can't you see? The things that you love
are all a big sham.
Your dreams, ambitions and goals, psh
grow up be a man.
Get your head back to the ground
you'll soon need to start settling down.
Find yourself a good girl
who's willing to stay
in your life for more than a day!"

I look at this form, in front of me so
tall, dark, ominous, who it was, I should have known.
Grey suit, black shoes, plain as arial font
his mustache, and his shadow's hat showed his face not.

But I didn't need to see it,
I knew him all along
26+ years you've waited,
for just the perfect shot.

"You think it's here? At 26? At 3 on the dot?
Sir, I think you're wrong, the times not wrought
of me, you've must forgot.
I care not what you think of me
or who you think that I should be!
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the stars
I'll send my dreams flaring out! 
Unrealistic, that's for damn sure
No realistic thoughts in here, you see
of that I'll guarantee.
Delusions grand!
Hah! I've got a plan!
or..really, more of a thing.
I'll do all the improbable, impossible,
i'll try just anything!
I'll call myself a dream, a fighter, and a king!
I'll be the best dabber, you ever did see!
But, grow up? Psh!
That's not the life for me.
Dellusions, grandeur, and time machines,
That's where I'll be!"

Fix squared jaw, looked down at me and straight at my bow tie.
He raised his eyebrow, clenched his jaw and started about face.
"Good bye!" I yelled a Cheshire on my face.
He slowly turned and grimaced
and looked me in the eye.
"I catch up with everyone, today was not your time.
A warning ,a grievance, foreshadowing if you'd like.
I'll join soon enough you'll see
I feel it creeping in.
I see it in those fearful eyes, that lump beneath your chin."

I swallowed hard and pursed my lips
I reached in my pocket, grabbed a bag and pulled it by its tips.
"Gummi worm!?" I asked with an annoying smirk
He merely grunted, and turned away, and vanished where he tread

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