Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creative Writing Exercise #2: The 3AM Epiphany

Pick it up. Don't put it there, that's not where it goes. Open the cabinets and put it there. Of course it fits, that's where it always goes. Stop making excuses! Just move things around so it'll fit. No, leave the blue one there, that one needs to be there. Get all the little ones out of there.  Those are the mediums, move the small ones.  just leave it on the counter. Go play.  Stop standing there. Go play. Don't cry. Stop it! Please, stop it. Give me a hug. Okay, pick up your toys and go play. Now, come eat.  Come eat now, it's getting cold!  I don't care if you're chatting with your friends online, you are coming to eat with everyone!  No, don't get up, Dan, he'll listen.  Stephanie, set the table.  Steve go get your brother. Unplug the computer if you have too  and the X-box and take away his phone.   Thank you for joining us, grow out of your teenage years already--I've had enough angst with the other two I don't need yours also..and don't eyeball me.   We're having a Chinese dinner so I'm going to teach you all how to use chop sticks! Steph, your mouth, shut it, I don't need your smart remarks, young lady. You will learn how to use these never know when they're useful.  Grab the first one like you're grabbing a pencil. Now, place the second one in between your thumb and forefing....Johnny get the doorbell.  Tell him we're not home...

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