Thursday, July 21, 2011

Expectations: My shot at poetry 2


You expect so much from one human being
From someone who’s achieved perfection it seems
But expectations so grand are surely to falter
Your dreams and your hopes left in shards hereafter

But yet, you try it again, you expect so much more
Try to make life even your score
Realization that will never come
 Frustration has you coming undone.

These expectations so grand, so much for one being
Rolled up into one impossible as it be!
An act, an idea, a kiss or a touch,
Has such a doubter believing so much .

But if you expectations rise so high and so tall
Then you’re in for the biggest fall of them all.
A plunge towards peril you’re destined towards surely
You wonder why you didn’t cut if of early.

On this odyssey now you’re trapped
No coins or no prayers can take you back.
Through the River  Styx slowly you wade
Wallowing in the sorrow you gave.
Then suddenly a light, unexpected , unseen
A light shining deep from someone within
It heals you
It helps you
It makes your forget
The life you left behind filled with regret

You restart the cycle
Put it all in on the line
Trying to do it all just one more time.

You expect so much from one human being
You’ve found perfection at last it may seem,
But if expectations so grand are surely to falter,
Where do you go, now and here after?

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