Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative Writing Prompt or 5am rambling!

Write for 10minutes using the starter "I used to think..." 


I used to think that everything was black and white. That everything has an absolute opposite. A black to a white, a yes to a no, a write to a wrong. However, the more I go throughout life I realize that there are no real absolutes--now this isn't a recent discovery by anymeans, nor do I imply that this is a soley exclusive discovery of mine.  This was a subject of discussion brought up between my friend Vanessa and I. She recently made this realization that life has no black and white, no absolute right no absolute wrong. We live in a world of gray. Life, existence, is but a matter of perspective.  You're antagonist is someone elses antagonist.  Your moral codes, your traditions, your everyday nuances and normalities--things that are good and normal to you don't apply to everyone. Hell, it probably doesn't even really apply to your neighbor.  The thing with realizing that there is no one good and one bad, not one answer to the equation of life shouldn't be a grim one. Rather, it should be a realization that one must find balance within the grayscale. One must strive to achieve a personal best, a personal good and a bad.   Whether, that's dictated by religion, or books, or tv--WWTDD (What would The Doctor Do?) Wise man...for a fictional being--one must find your right, your wrong and equally as important one must learn to accept that your black and your white isn't the same as everyone elses. Now, that being said, murder and other such acts are governed by law and whether you believe it justifiable or not has consequences.  Which leads me to my next point, consequences. If you are to adhere to your own moral code, then one must learn to deal with the consequences. To deal with the majority of people that follow the status quo. People that never question their morals. People that blindly follow religion and law and never question why something is the way it is. These people are the majority, and these people are your strongest critics. Don't get me wrong, religion or spirituality (or lack of) has it's place in everyone's life, but I don't believe that it should be blindly followed, nothing should be ever blindly followed.   These people will shun you, will mock you, will ridicule you, call you things if you go against what they believe, but if it feels right to you, then that's what should be done.  I used to think that I was going to live a "normal" life.  I used to think that there was a simple plan for me. But now, I realize that there's more, I'm destined for more, because I control my destiny, I control my path, I chose to be more than normal. I choose to be unrealistic. I used to think life was simple, now I realize simplicity is simply not enough.

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