Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oil Rush pt III

I guess I owe you a bit of an explanation.

This isn't the start of some awesome 70s porn where the boss's daughter takes me away to Europe.  After that first time we met out in the desert, we ran into each other a couple of more times Usually at company soirees. Her and I were the only two around our age so we naturally gravitated towards each other. Now, we never really dated or anything, I was a low-level grunt and she was the owner's daughter--it wasn't happening. But she did have a sort of affection towards me. It might have been because I was the only one who wasn't a middle-aged drunk man who was hitting on her at every local that had alcohol. I was the 20 some year old who wanted to hit on her but never did. Yeah, that guy. After I got the promotion to shop manager, I also inherited the responsibilities of an ailing operations manager at a raise in salary. Now, I didn't handle all the operations. There was financial things that I wasn't allowed to touch yet, but was being groomed to take over.  I had proved worthy enough to handle transportation issues so that duty was delegated to me--at no extra pay mind you.   This is why she needed me to sign off on the plane.  It would fly from Laredo to Houston, Houston to North Carolina and from N. C. to London's Gatwick airport.  She was accompanied by the usual slew of lackies and I guess she thought I was worthy company.   Maybe this trip would be my chance!

"Saldivar, bring the books and your company laptop. We have things to go over during our flight." she said as her tone turned cold suddenly.

"Yes, ma'am" I dutifully responded.

Oh, right. What I meant to tell you also is that she's being groomed to be the next CEO of this company. She was out of college already and was serving as interim VP of fiscal operations. Her pops decided that she needed to know the ins and outs of the companies fortune and where it went in order to make the decisions as the CEO whenever the time came for the old man to retire--which at his age wasn't going to be too far down the line.   Unfortunately for her gallivanting dad, she took to the job like a fish to water and swam magnificently in the role. This brought up the question as to the allocation of some company funds for "business excursions"--the London trip.

"Meet me at the airport in one hour. Have the jet be fueled, primed and ready to go. I'm already packed. Go get your necessities and hurry up. I do not like to be kept waiting." she yelled at me as she got back into her car.

"And Saldivar" she continued.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Wear a decent shirt for Christ's sake" she said with a wink.

"I gave a smirk and continued to pack up the books and laptop."

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