Friday, July 15, 2011

Too Tired for one from a book so, internet creative writing exercise!

I was gonna do a creative writing exercise today, but I'm too damn tired and I wanna wake up at a respectable hour tomorrow so let's just write something quick. 


Exercise write about an old photo (#14 of an old album)

I had to dig through myspace for this shit!

There's nothing too deep or too remotely interesting to write about this photograph. It's us playing beer pong. But, still it makes me remember a time when life was simpler and a lot more fun than it is now. It was a time when everyone was in college, everyone was in town, everyone was a drunk. The drunken nights that we spent together aren't memorable because they were drunken nights, but rather they were memorable because we were a group of friends, that for better or for worse, were with each other. We went to school with each other, ate together, drank together, puked together, we cried together. The picture reminds me of a time when there was drama around us from ex girlfriends and current crushes and future flings and yet there were relationships blossoming within the midst of the chaos. It was during this time period that two couples met (who are now married by the way), it was during this time that my friendship with one of my best friends now was solidified through copious alcohol consumption, it was during this time that I drank way more than I ever should have, dated more than I should have, stuck around more than I should have. But, it was also a time when things were on the cusp of changing. At the time this particular picture was taken we were at the height of our flip-cup days. Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity flip cup champions of TAMIU. Unstoppable. But with the suspension looming over our heads and no active chapter to keep us together the brothers drifted away and only a few of us remained. Some pictured here. This picture portrays a point in time before I decided "to hell with you I need to get out of this fuckin' city, no state, no country!" and went to England. It was a point in time before I met a girl that, whether she knows it or not, changed my life in more ways than she can imagine. She changed my views on not only what a girl should be--or what I wanted a girl to be--but on what a person should be. Her free spirited nature and devil may care attitude blended with just the right amount of stressaholic in the right places proved to be blend that my heart has yet to match. She changed my outlook on life and love and really made me the person who I am now--or at least, released that side of me. My family said that she was like a girl me, I always took that as a compliment. She was the perfect girl at the perfect time but it was not a perfect match. I believe that people meet other people in their lives for a reason. Every person in your life plays a role in your life and a lot of times that role is over and life goes on. The players play their parts and exeunt stage left with only a memory remaining. This picture not only embodies and amazing time with amazing people but to me embodies a time before a pivotal turning point in my life. For better and for worse it was a simpler time.

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