Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spartan Talking: Promo against Octane

Writing my monologue for this weekends event. *Spoilers* Don't read if you're a fan! :-P

I heard we had a strong crowd going on today, but the only thing strong about this crowd is their body odor! Seriously, someone light a match it's starting to smell like chorizo in here. A few weeks ago at LWA's Independence, this little cheerleader of a wrestler named Octane wrestled for the LWA Championship. He--of course--lost that match to our own Nikon.  But thanks to the absolutely GENIUS booking from our management,  he had an opportunity to regain the number one contender spot during a battle royal. I guess that's what happens when you're a veteran. Big deal, you can't go to college so you become a grunt and all of a sudden you get a title shot, big effin deal! At that battle royal, Little yellleader Octane by a shear stroke of luck eliminated me..the last man in that ring from that rumble and all of a sudden, he thinks that he's better than Team Nikon. Lemme break it down for you, son! You ain't a damn thing in this league! You ain't better than Nikon--as we showed you in Zapata, you ain't better than Vampiro, and you damn sure are not better than Trinidad "The Spartan" Ramirez.   Face it Octane, you're a one trick pony. You run around the ring hopping and bouncing and spinning I'm starting to think that you haven't taken your ADHD meds in a while! But tonight, here, at Collateral Damage, I'm going to prove to you exactly why I am a better athlete, a better performer, and a better wrestler than you and prove to these idiots sitting here staring at me just why you don't deserve another shot at the title and prove to everyone in this sweat-house why I am wrestling personified!  After tonight's match,Octane, I promise you, the only high-flying you're gonna be doing is going to come from the pain killers your gonna have to be on after I'm done with you! Now, hit my music!

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