Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Writing Starts Now: Great detail writing.

So, I decided I need to find my love for writing again so everyday I'll be writing something on this blog. For now I'll stick to creative writing excercises and spare you my ramblings. Maybe ya'll can try them too! Enjoy! 


Writing prompt #1:  
Think of something in your room. Look at it. Now close your eyes and remember as many details as you can for three minutes. Now describe in as greatest detail as you can.  Go!

The Starship enterprise. It sits a top of my television set.  It's a holder for a disc but it reminds me of so much more. It's a symbol for the hopes and dreams and aspiration of humankind. The never ending journey into the unknown.  The shape is familiar to most.  From left to right you start of with the saucer section. A disk like part of the ship that houses crew quarters, the main bridge and other unbeknownst sections of the ship. It's a light grey color and in the middle of the saucer there lies a smaller circle, a bump if you will that sticks out from the hull. This is the main bridge. It's sleek circular shape is emblazoned with the designation "USS Enterprise NCC-1701" the sleek design is accented with Starfleet insignia--red and gold arrows on the sides of it. The subtle lined and plated texture gives the ship a feel like it was put together in a ship yard and not from a mold. A couple of black dots on the ship represent the phaser banks that are used for defense.  At the end and bottom of this plate you find a neck.  It's angular and connects the saucer section from the main hull--an oblong section that houses the engineering section and to which the warp nacelles are attached.  Directly under the saucer section and the neck while still connected you have the main deflector dish. This dish is a brilliant blue color and it sinks in like a crater on the moon. The crater itself has indentations in it that gives it a striated appearance.  The lower hull is also emblazoned with the Starfleet insignia across its sides and a red stripe goes across it. The warp nacelles are cylindrical and are attached to either side of the hull towards the back.  They too have blue tips and are indented.  This ship--this magnificent ship that went from the mind of Gene Roddenberry to the silver screen to the hearts of millions around the world now represents what it's name means: Enterprise. The enterprising spirit of the human race--the race into space--and to be cliche--to boldly go where no one has gone before.  *cue theme song*


That was terrible! But I'm sleepy and I was determined to write something, anything. I'll see ya'll tomorrow! Give it a shot! 

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